Last weekend we were working to tidy up a network, they had a small wall hung frame with a couple of patch panels and an old Cisco Catalyst series switch.


20180721_150158 (2).jpg


We removed the frame and replaced it with a Krone consolidation point to allow us to extend the cables to their new position in a data cabinet.


20180722_150032 (2).jpg



After we had extended the cabling we loomed it up and passed it through the data cabinet to go to the new location for the patch panels.




In the rack we replaced the tired Cisco Catalyst switch with a new Mikrotik CRS range switch, this is an awesome new PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch which has just been released recently. We're using it to power the new Ubiquiti access points which we installed on the ground and first floor of the building, we're looking at potentially adding an additional outdoor access point to cover the yard later on.

A future addition will also be upgrading the analog Samsung phone system to a new VoIP solution, so this PoE switch is going to be perfect for the new VoIP handsets.




With all this work we started running out of time so everything got patched in hastily after testing all of the outlets in the building. Even with the slightly messy patching, this has been a really successful upgrade and a huge improvement allowing for future upgrades to go far more smoothly!


Once we return and complete the finishing touches, I will add some more update photos.



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